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Meet Our Baristas and Bakers At Emporium Express

Not only are we, Emporium Express, passionate about our local community and coffee, but we are also just as passionate about our employees. Our baristas and bakers are what create our foundation of memorable flavor and seamless service. Our employees bring amazing creativity and experience to our business, which is why we offer eligibility to take language courses. If our employees take these language courses, they are reimbursed for completing and passing the course. By offering these language courses, we can help our employees better serve our community and those visiting the valley.

At Emporium Express, we strive to provide our employees with a fun and enjoyable work experience to grow and hone their skills. The craft of barista and baking is constantly evolving and always offers room for growth. We enjoy their skills, ideas, and passion.

Between our Bohemian vibes, language course eligibility, and barista or baker training and experience, our employees hone several skills and crafts when working at Emporium Express. We believe your passion should be possible. If you love coffee, espresso, refreshing smoothies, or home-baked goods, join our team today! We strive to empower our employees.

Meet our exceptional team of baristas and bakers below at Emporium Express!

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Alexandria is our amazing General Manager! With years of barista training under her belt, a passion for leadership, and a commitment to customer service she has found her dream job with the Emporium Express.

Alexandria is an International Barista and Coffee Academy certified barista.

Her favorite beverage is our light roast coffee!



KT is our out-of-this-world bookkeeper. Ensuring that everything keeps spinning at our multiple locations, her passion and attention to detail are invaluable assets to the Emporium Express.

"My favorite drink is a London Fog with Paris tea. I have enjoyed working as a server and barista for the Schluters since August 2016, but bookkeeping is by far my favorite role!"



Owner Sara has been in the restaurant/coffee biz for 20 years. Her passion for the world, travel, and food has helped create the Emporium Express. Constantly searching for the next 'it' pastry is her current favorite project. Though she has stepped back from day-to-day operations she continues to encourage our ever-growing team to be the best baristas they can be and loves sharing her love of delicious food and drink with our community.

Sara drinks a shot in the dark roast with a pump of vanilla and a heavy splash of oat milk.



Malorie Co-Manages the Emporium Express Beverage Truck.

Malories favorite drink is an iced vanilla breve

"I love working at the Emporium because it's a great environment. I love the people I work with and I love our regulars. I also love making beautiful drinks!"



Jasmyn Manages the Emporium Express Bean and Bottle in Gering.

Jasmyns favorite drink is a hot dirty pumpkin chai with half flavor and oat milk

"I enjoy working at the Emporium because it is a friendly environment, I enjoy the aesthetic of of being a barista and I enjoy working with my friends!'



Rosie Manages the Emporium Express at RWMC.

Rosies favorite drink is a Salted caramel Frappe with oreos

"I love working at the Emporium because it is a fun and free spirited environment."


Savannah A.

Savannah A. Manages the Emporium Express at Main Street Market.

Savannahs favorite drink is a mango smoothie with green apple bubbles

"I love the environment and the friendships I can make by working at the Emporium. I enjoy bringing a smile to a customer's face and having the potential to make their day even better with a little love in every latte!"

Interested in joining our team? Check out our job openings!

If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our job openings! We currently have three locations you can join, plus a fun coffee truck. We look forward to growing our team of talented baristas and bakers and sharing our love of coffee and the community!

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